Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Miss Dorothy and her bookmobile by Gloria Houston

Family Literacy Day occurs this week, and every branch has activities planned, so check the website for the date and time of the celebration in your community.  This is a time when my thoughts always turn to the importance of books and libraries in our lives.  When I was growing up, I attended a small rural school in Northern Ontario.  The school didn’t have a library, but the school division had a bookmobile.  I loved that bookmobile, it was always warm and smelled like books are supposed to smell.  

You may wonder what has me so nostalgic.  Today I’m recommending the book Miss Dorothy and her bookmobile.  This beautiful children’s book is based on the true story of Dorothy Thomas.  When Dorothy graduated from library school, she idealistically dreamed of starting a fine brick library in her new community.  There was no money for the building, so instead the community purchased a bookmobile, and Dorothy became the librarian.  Over the years, although she still dreamed of the fine brick library, there was nothing that kept Dorothy from delivering books to the entire community.  

This is a lovely book with a heart-warming story, and I just say thanks to everyone in our communities who has fostered a love of books and reading.

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