Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Caught in the Blizzard by Paul Kropp

February is I Love to Read Month.  On the SCRLreads blog, one of the staff has posted a very timely book considering the weather we endured over the long weekend.
A blizzard is something we all endure every so often.  Now imagine being lost in a blizzard in the far north without having any shelter or way to contact anyone to let them know you are missing.  Caught in the Blizzard, by Paul Kropp, tells of a Inuk teenager named Sam who is learning to live and hunt like his elders.  He has respect for the land and hatred for the spoiled white boy, Connor, who thoughtlessly kills caribou and leaves their bodies to waste on the frozen land.  Even though Sam wants nothing to do with Connor, they both get caught in a blizzard and must depend on each other to survive.  

This is one of many similar stories, written by Paul Kropp, that deal with difficult decisions and situations young people face.  Caught in the Blizzard keeps you curled up in you cozy chair to the end.

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