Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When I went to the library

Believe it or not, this is the 200th OFF THE SHELF reading suggestion I’ve given you since I started keeping track.  (There were actually more).  So I thought today’s book has to be something very special.  Today, I am highlighting When I went to the Library: writers celebrate books and reading.  These stories were specially commissioned for this collection.    

 I especially enjoyed Dear Mr. Winston by Ken Roberts about a young girl who brings a snake into the library in order to identify it - after all, how are you going to identify a snake unless you bring it to the library in a box and compare it with the snakes in the big green book.  It is not your fault if the librarian, who’s deathly afraid of snakes, insists on looking in the box.  But if your dad is going to read this apology letter, it has to be good.

In her introduction Michele Landsberg points out, “this book is about a fantastic place just a few blocks away from you...whose doors swing open freely to welcome you in.  The library is like nothing else in our lives.  It is free, it is voluntary—no one can make you go there—and all its treasures and pleasures are there to inform, entertain, delight, or transport you, as you please.

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