Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kings of the Rings by Sean Grassie

How many of us stay up way too many evenings watching curling events on TV?  Or check live scoring on our computers at work during the day?  Don’t let withdrawl symptoms set in this week – checkout Kings of the Rings by Sean Grassie.   

The subtitle, 125 years of the world’s biggest bonspiel only covers part of what this book is about.  The book is a history of the MCA bonspiel, but it is much more.  It’s not just a book filled with facts and figures.  There is folklore and trivia, and so many interesting anecdotes that I can’t even begin to try to decide on an example.  The preface of the book is entitled, A curler’s paradise, and Manitoba certainly is that.  Teams have come from Rankin Inlet in the north, and New Zealand in the south to play in the MCA bonspiel.  This book highlights the careers of many of the sport’s greatest.

In 1902, Rev. John Kerr, captained a 24-member contingent of Scottish curlers across Canada and the U.S.  Later he wrote an 800 page book of his experience, and Grassie gives us this memorable quote from Rev. Kerr’s book, “What St. Andrews is to golf, so is Winnipeg to that other royal and ancient game.”

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