Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I brake for yard sales: and flea markets, thrift shops, auctions, and the occasional dumpster by Lara Spencer

Every town has them.  They seem to pop up everywhere at this time of year - Garage sales, yard sales, auctions sales, whatever you want to call them.  There are those that visit the occasional sale, and the diehards who travel from one sale to another hoping to find that rare priceless collectible.

Lara Spencer, known to many of us as a co-anchor for Good Morning America, and former host of Antiques Roadshow, gives us a glimpse at some of the cool ways she uses other people’s castoffs in, I Brake for yard sales and flea markets, thrift shops, auctions, and the occasional dumpster.  Spencer shows the reader how to rescue, recycle and reinvent secondhand items.  The trick to Lara Spencer’s designs is to see items in a new light.  Spencer explains what she looks for and how she came to develop her personal style.   In many cases she shows before and after photographs and the transformations are remarkable.  The designs are sleek, classy and modern.  The narration is fun and informative.  

The flyleaf calls this, “blue-blood style on a blue-collar budget”.  If you are not already a garage sale junkie, this book might turn you into one.

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