Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Cat's Pajamas by Wallace Edwards

It’s the TD Canadian Children’s book week and this week we welcome to our branches the visiting author/illustrator, Wallace Edwards.  Mr. Edwards was awarded the Governor General’s Award (Illustration), for his first book, Alphabeasts.  It’s definitely an honour and a real pleasure for all of us to welcome him.

Wallace Edwards has so many beautifully illustrated books, it’s difficult to choose just one to talk about today.  I have chosen one of his newer ones, The Cat’s Pajamas.  In this book are 26 illustrations, each depicting a different idiom.  An idiom is “a group of words whose meaning cannot be understood from the meaning of the individual words; an expression, peculiar to a specific language, that cannot be translated literally.”  For example, think about what the phrases “face the music”, “a bee in her bonnet”, “something  smells fishy”, or being “counted on in a pinch”, would mean if one tried to understand them literally.  Wallace Edwards shows us what it would look like.  Oops, have I let the cat out of the bag?

Each Wallace Edwards’ book is unique so it’s difficult to talk about them as a group.  They are all treasures, so I hope everyone has a look at more than 1.

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