Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Silver screens on the prairie by Russ Gourluck

Recently CFAM carried a news item about the drive-in theatre in Morden.  It reminded me of a new book in the library, Silver screens on the prairie: an illustrated history of motion picture theatres in Manitoba by Russ Gourluck.  

This is a wonderful nostalgic look at the movie theatres across Manitoba.  As is also the case in Gourluck’s other books, it is thoroughly researched, and full of interesting personal stories and anecdotes.  Old photographs of the theatres, those who owned them and worked in them, and old posters announcing the iconic movies of the last century fill the pages.  Theatres ranged from the grand movie houses, community halls and drive-ins to today’s multiplex.

I don’t usually talk about a book’s shortcomings, but with this book I am making an exception.  The index lists theatres by their names, not their locations.  This is annoying if you know there was an old theatre in your town, but you don’t know what it was called.  The search can result in uncovering a lot of fascinating trivia, but is a bit frustrating none-the-less.  

 Before heading out to the Kenmore or the Stardust Drive-In in Morden, the newly refurbished Metropolitan in Winnipeg, or the Park Theatre in Wasagaming, check out this book.

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