Thursday, June 27, 2013

Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts

Summer seems to be the season for light reading.  For many – that means a good page-turner that can accompany one to the cabin or the beach.  One such book is recommended by our head librarian, Mary Toma.  With a title like Whiskey Beach, Nora Roberts’ latest offering, this book is just screaming to be taken to the lake.

Whiskey Beach (the book) is set in Bluff House located in the resort town of Whiskey Beach.  The original portion of the house is over 300 years hold.  The Landon family has always owned the house.  Grandma Landon was the only permanent resident until she fell and seriously injured herself.  Not wanting the house to remain vacant while she recovers, she convinces her grandson, Eli Landon, to take up residence.  Eli badly needs recuperation time.  His soon-to-be divorced ex-wife was murdered and Eli was a prime suspect.  At Bluff House, Eli meets Ara Walsh, current caretaker of the mansion.  Ara, while a master of many talents, has her own recovering to do. 

The story has many twists and turns and keeps the reader’s attention until the end.  This is only 1 of the thousands of choices available for light summer reading.

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