Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Flight 1-2-3 by Maria van Lieshout

This year’s theme for the summer reading club is Go! We are focusing on travel – whether in actuality or in our imaginations.  A new children’s book that has recently been added to the collection fits in very nicely with the theme.  Flight 1-2-3 by Maria van Lieshout is like a guidebook for airports.   The airport can be a big, frightening place and this is an excellent book for anyone planning to travel with children.

The book has minimal text, and bright simple illustrations that really lend themselves to being conversation-starters for children and adults.  All the routine airport signs and procedures are covered, like check-ins, escalators, elevators, trash cans for all those things that cannot be in a carry-on, security officers, food vendors, washrooms, gates and departure lounges.  It covers a little about being on the aircraft, and arrivals. 

These days, many people find the process of actually travelling in an airplane is no fun.  Spending a few minutes ahead of time preparing children for what they can expect in the airport will greatly ease some of their trepidation and will make that aspect of the journey more tolerable.

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