Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rain by Linda Ashman

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Does that include rain?  Is rain something to scowl at, or something to enjoy?

Rain! by Linda Ashman is a lovely book that shows us how a sunny disposition can brighten up the most dreary day.  The story is told in contrasting viewpoints: an older gentleman who is terribly unhappy with the rain, having to wear galoshes, and an overcoat, navigate puddles, and tolerate people.  All around him - any encounter with other people leaves them in a bad mood as well.  On the other side is a young boy who sees the rain as a chance to wear his frog hat and his rubber boots, and splash in puddles.  Everywhere he goes, he brightens the day.  They eventually meet in a coffee shop and the young boy’s kindness helps the old man through his bad mood, and they end up enjoying each other’s company.  It’s a charming story about the power of kindness and a smile.

My apologies of course to Morden and Miami listeners who had more than enough rain this spring.

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