Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Great Canadian Bucket List

Most people have a bucket list.  Robin Esrock has compiled a new book, The Great Canadian Bucket List: one of a kind travel experiences. 

I have noticed that Canadians are most proud of our country when we are somewhere else.  Our nationalistic pride rises to the top when strangers tell us how beautiful Canada is.  Robin Esrock has spent years visiting every province and territory in Canada to compile this list.  There are too many adventures to condense them here but they include: visiting old growth forest in British Columbia;  hunt for dinosaurs in Alberta; check out the Hermetic Code in Winnipeg; visit the many historic attractions in Southern Ontario and Quebec, and experience the maritime’s unique historical and seaside communities.  Included in this book are many 10 best lists for further adventures, like destinations for aboriginal culture, hiking locations, the spookiest places, and more.  And everywhere, regardless of the activity, stunning scenery.  He even suggests visiting Rider nation and maybe figuring out what’s with the watermelons.  

This book is a great motivator.  It challenges the reader to stop thinking of travel destinations as only being to the south, and start thinking east, west, and north.  Maybe even in our own back yard.

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