Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Antique Trader: Antiques & Collectibles

Many of us are fans of Antiques Roadshow, American Pickers, Canadian Pickers, or the numerous other such shows that TV offers.  It can be a lot of fun wandering through a thrift store or flee market.  While we’re all looking for treasure, very few of us would know it if we fell over it.  The new book, Antique Trader, Antiques & Collectibles is a great resource, for everything from advertising memorabilia to watches.

Each section is informative and teeming with examples.  It begins with a short history of the product, trends, and where to find them.  Examples range from the very best  of a product to the more common.  In some cases, examples of the marks that the collector looks for to identify certain makes are also included.  In all cases the value of the piece is given.

Although it is only through years of work and diligent research that one can immediately identify a treasure, it doesn’t hurt to be somewhat informed before setting out on a treasure hunt.

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