Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Chicken Soup for the Soul, O Canada: the Wonders of Winter

With last week’s snow, and this week’s cold, talking about Chicken Soup for the Soul’s O Canada: the Wonders of Winter seems like a natural.  The content of this book makes it somewhat different than other Chicken Soup for the Soul books so I decided to highlight it today.

One of the editors, Janet Matthews suggests “When Canadians are confronted with extreme winter weather it brings out the best in us!  This collection of heartwarming and entertaining stories embodies all that is wonderful about winter in Canada.”  Included in the collection are stories about the sports we participate in, such as hockey, curling, skiing, and skating; and the great Olympic moments that we celebrate.  Across the country from Vancouver to Nunavut to Newfoundland we find unique winter, Christmas, and holiday traditions.  No book of Canadian stories would be complete without talking about winter cold, ice and snow.  Neighbours helping neighbours leads to sometimes humourous, but always heartwarming results.  The quotations by great Canadians that introduce each story are enjoyable on their own.

Yes, winter has arrived with a bang this year, reminding us all to either get out and enjoy it, or grab a good book and hunker down.

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