Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Disaster Preparedness by Ron Brouhard & Crystal Kline

During the past weekend, we’ve become very aware of how quickly disaster can strike.  Those of us who have seen many blizzards in our lifetime know how to cope with those, but what if the power goes out during a blizzard.  There are all kinds of disasters that many of us are ill prepared for.  The glow from the natural gas fire near Otterburne could be seen many miles.   How would we cope with days of no power, or no heat.  The disastrous fire at a care home in Quebec, and train derailments, are 2 other kinds of disasters that could test our preparedness.

A timely new book in the library is Disaster Preparedness by Ron Brouhard, and Crystal Kline.  This duo takes us through the steps involved in being prepared for a disaster.  Topics include:  Making a plan and stocking up supplies; being financially prepared and having quick access to important documents and medical information; securing your home if you must evacuate quickly; how to manage your resources if you find yourself in the middle of a disaster, and finally how to respond following a disaster.

The authors are Americans, but their advice is applicable to all of us.

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