Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Maeve's Times

Maeve Binchy had many loyal fans and has been sadly missed by her readers since she passed away in 2012.  But a new book reminds us of why she was such a popular author and what it was about her books that readers so enjoyed.  A new book, entitled Maeve’s Times is a collection of her newspaper articles written for the Irish Times.

Maeve Binchy began her career as a teacher.  She used her holidays to travel to, and work in, interesting places.  Her writing career began when her father submitted one of her letters to the local paper in Ireland, (after cutting off the “Dear Daddy” bit.)  The editor of The Irish Independent first recognized her writing talent.   In 1968 she began her employment with The Irish Times as the “women’s page" editor.  She later became the paper’s London editor before returning to Ireland.  She penned a number of bestselling novels and enjoyed a huge loyal readership.

In Maeve Binchy’s books the reader always has a sense of being right there with the characters in the middle of the action.  Her newspaper articles are the same, and readers will enjoy her storytelling once again.

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