Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Christmas Story

Recently The Christmas Story was staged at MTC.  I didn’t get to the production, but I heard it was fantastic and I’m sorry I missed it.  I guess I’ll have to settle for the library’s DVD starring Darren Mcgavin, Melinda Dillon and Peter Billingsley as 9-year-old  Ralphie Parker.  

Ralphie desperately wants a BB gun for Christmas, but not just any BB gun: a Daisy-brand Red Ryder repeating BB carbine with a compass mounted on the stock.  But every time he brings up the subject he hears the same refrain, “You’ll shoot your eye out”.  Ralphie will stop at nothing to attain his coveted gift; pleading with his parents, working extra hard on his homework, even visiting the most frightening Santa ever.  Along the way the movie shows us a slice of life from a time gone by that while it wasn’t perfect, was a time when a kid could be a kid.  

This is a departure from the standard holiday movie and I like it.  It's a wonderful story, with believable characters, in which love is shown rather than verbalized.  No mushy stuff.  This is only one of the many Christmas videos found in the library branches.  If you have an old favourite that the video stores no longer carry, check our catalogue.

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