Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Canadians at the Olympics

Anytime the Olympics are on, (especially the Winter Olympics) we can easily spend hours in front of the TV.  Each branch of the library holds a series of books, The Story of Canadians in the Olympic Winter Games.  This series, in the Juvenile Non-fiction section can greatly increase one’s knowledge of the games, and what is required from the athletes who compete for our country.

The series includes: figure skating, ice hockey, snowboarding, alpine skiing, ski jumping, speed skating, and cross-country skiing.  Each book is laid out in a similar fashion, containing chapters on the equipment needed for each sport, qualifying for the Olympics, rules of the sport and of the venue, technical details of the sport, Olympic legends and today’s stars; and a day in the life of the athlete.  But there’s more to a successful Olympic games than just the athletes and venues.  The role of Olympic volunteers is described.  There is a chapter in each book on the Paralympics.  Also included in each book are interesting tidbits of trivia and useful information and bright, colourful illustrations.

This series is written at a middle school level, but would appeal to anyone  wanting to learn a little more about particular winter Olympic sports.

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