Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Consumer guide to home energy savings

This week is “Let’s talk energy” week; a week during which the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation encourages all of us to become more aware of where our energy comes from and how we can be better energy consumers.

One book that can help us become more energy aware is the Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings by Jennifer Thorne Amann, Alex Wilson and Katie Ackerly.  The lasted version was published in 2012 and is held in several library branches.  This book is filled with practical tips and information on saving money while saving the earth.  In this climate heating our homes in winter and cooling them in the summer uses up a significant amount of energy and money.  Proper ventilation and air distribution is vitally important for a healthy home, as well as energy efficiency.  Every home uses energy in food storage, cooking, dishwashing, laundry, and lighting.  If we all do our part, there are energy savings to be had.  Home electronics have become so prevalent that we don’t even think of them as energy consumers.

Hopefully we will all spend a few minutes this week to learn about energy issues, and perhaps take a few steps toward more efficient energy use.  

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