Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Sundog moment by Susan Baldacci

The last name, Baldacci, is familiar to many; however David isn’t the only author in the family.  Susan Baldacci, David’s sister, has written a novel, A sundog moment.  Susan Baldacci was diagnosed with MS more than 20 years ago, and in this novel, she writes about finding ones way through difficulty.

The main character in the novel, Elizabeth, leads what seems like a charmed life, until she receives the devastating diagnosis that she has MS.  Elizabeth at first hides her symptoms from everyone, but eventually joins a support group.  One Sunday she hears a sermon in which the pastor speaks of sundogs.  Conditions must be just right for sundogs to appear.  Many believe that when sundogs appear in the sky, the weather is going to change shortly.  Kind of like a warning - and a promise.  Enjoy the day because change is on the way.

Most people know someone in their lives who have been impacted by an unexpected neuromuscular disease, and this past winter, we experienced an unprecedented number of sundogs.  Do not expect A Sundog Moment to be an easy gentle read, but one that is full human faults.  In the end, however, you will find this novel gives hope.

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