Thursday, May 22, 2014

Alienated by Melissa Landers

There are many fantasy readers out there, and some of the staff enjoy this genre too.  Jess in our Winkler branch is recommending the Young Adult title, Alienated by Melissa Landers.

Exchange programs are common in schools everywhere, and that’s what this book is about – except this is an alien exchange program. The alien planet sends three students to live on Earth for a while and then the next school year Earth is supposed to send three students to the alien planet. As you might imagine not everyone on earth is too thrilled. Most are convinced that the aliens are up to no good.

One of the appeals of the book is that while it is a fantasy book, it was grounded in reality. The aliens have more advanced technology than humans but it was believable: the aliens don’t have death rays, just better spaceships and gadgets.  The aliens are nervous and unsure of the humans, and unfamiliar with the climate and colors of earth. The humans however are mainly in a state of confusion, over the alien’s motives. The aliens can help cure cancer, but they will want something in return and no one knows what that will be.

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