Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Big Green Book of the Big Blue Sea by Helaine Becker

May 3 – 10 is TD Canadian Children’s Book Week.  To celebrate this week, the S C R L is hosting Canadian author, Helaine Becker.  The library collection contains a number of her books and we are very honoured to host her this week.  

My personal favourite Helaine Becker book is A Porcupine in a Pine Tree.  It is a Canadian 12 Days of Christmas.  This is a truly Canadian take on the old Christmas carol and one I turn to each year for a few laughs.  I featured it in this column a couple of years ago.

Something that’s a little less season-specific is The Big Green Book of the Big Blue Sea.  This is an imaginative book combining science, the environment, biography, and history, and is entertaining, enlightening, and engaging.  A Kirkus review sums it up this way,

"In simple terms but with scientific vocabulary, Becker introduces such diverse topics as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, density, desalination, sea-floor spreading, global warming, tsunamis, oil spills, osmosis, camouflage and overfishing. Almost every spread provides readers with something to do that will help the ocean. .. Fascinating facts appear throughout and are sure to amaze."

We can all do our part for healthier oceans, and this book shows us how.

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