Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jackpot by Gordon Korman

The Summer Reading Club begins next week, so kids will be looking for fun, entertaining reads over the next few months.  Gordon Korman’s Swindle series is a popular choice for summer reading.  Jackpot is the title of the newest addition to the series.

A thirty thousand dollar lottery ticket has not been claimed and it is about to expire.  We know it was purchased at the convenience store but the list of people that purchased tickets that day is long.  What begins as a way of tricking the school bully to go dumpster diving all over town looking for the ticket soon backfires on Ben.  With a huge jackpot to be claimed, the whole town joins in and soon garbage is everywhere.  The local authorities, seeing all the garbage, start to investigate and discover that Ben and his friends started the rumor. For punishment Ben and his friends must clean up the mess, and sit through an assembly at school directed at bullying and in the end Ben looks like the bully.

With school allegiances shifting, Ben has to find a way to redeem himself.  He thinks he could do this by helping the person who bought the lottery ticket find it and cash it in. If only it were that simple!

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