Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Memoirs of an imaginery friend by Matthew Dicks

It’s such a treat to take home a book and unexpectedly find a true gem.  Such a book is Matthew Dicks’ Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend.

This is a beautifully crafted tale of friendship, loyalty and self-sacrifice. Budo is 8-year old Max Delaney’s imaginary friend. Unlike most imaginary friends, Budo has been alive for over 5 years. As long as Max believes in him, Budo will go on living, and when Max stops, Budo will die. Budo needs Max to survive, but Max needs Budo too. Max was born with Asperger’s, and prefers his imaginary friend to any other. Though others struggle to understand Max, Budo simply loves him for who he is, and takes on the role of Max’s protector. He sees things Max’s parents don’t, so when he notices strange behaviour in one of Max’s teachers at the learning center, she immediately goes into his bad books. When Budo realizes his suspicions were not misplaced, and Max finds himself in serious trouble, it’s up to him to save Max. But how can Budo affect a world he can’t touch?

The questions posed about the treatment of children with special needs lends this otherwise lighthearted tale some real depth.  The reader becomes drawn into a world where the lines between what was real and imaginary are delightfully blurred.  

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