Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Summer Camp Science Mysteries by Lynda Beauregard

Kids are getting back to reading, and today I have a suggestion from one of the staff for a series that might appeal to reluctant readers.  Summer Camp Science Mysteries by Lynda Beauregard are graphic novels for 9-12 year olds that combine science, mystery and summer camp fun in an easy to read full color format.

In each of the 8 volumes in the series so far, the author tackles a different scientific concept like gravity, sound, light, rocks or astronomy and creates a mystery story for the diverse group of kids at Camp Dakota to solve. There is a short description of the concept being explored and then the mystery unfolds and the campers use their scientific know how to solve the puzzle. In the back of each book is a glossary of ‘Mysterious Words’, a few experiments that kids can try for themselves as well as a synopsis of how knowledge of science helped solve the mystery. The books are about 45 pages long each. 

This series might appeal to children who are reluctant to read longer novels, or they may like graphic novels, science, mysteries or adventures - in short they have wide audience appeal.  These are an easy, fun read, that also happen to be educational.

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