Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Now and in the hour of our death by Patrick Taylor

One of our staff has read many of Patrick Taylor’s books about a quaint little town in Northern Ireland.  However, she says the novel, Now and in the hour of our death is different.  This novel is about the “Troubles”. 

Davy McCutcheon and Fiona Kavanagh are in love, but they live in different worlds.  Davy is a bomb maker for the Provisional IRA and Fiona is a teacher who is fed up with all of the violence.  They plan to move to Canada as soon as Davy does one last job.  Things don’t go well and Davy ends up sentenced to decades in prison.  Fiona moves to Vancouver, tries to forget about the past and build a new life for herself.  After nine years Davy and some pals break out of prison.  Davy is haunted by the deaths he has been responsible for.  He wants to leave Ireland and look for Fiona in Canada.  His fellow IRA escapees want him to continue the fight. 

In some ways the book can be a difficult read because at times the ordinary Irish person is caught between two major forces – the IRA and the ruling British.  Both sides seem to have no scruples about forcing ordinary people to do their will; whether it's some job for the IRA or providing information to the British.  The staff member says that the story reinforced her belief that military conflict creates more hardships and problems than it does solutions.

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