Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Leaving Tommorrow by David Bergen

The first half of Leaving Tomorrow is set in a small town in southern Alberta, and is very descriptive of Arthur’s formative years. Arthur is a romantic and is very much influenced by the many women in his life.

Young Arthur has a love of vocabulary and a wide range of interests that make him an outcast from his peers and creates a rivalry between himself and his older brother.

When interviewed, David Bergen stated that he grew up in a small town in Manitoba and took all the emotion and experiences of that small town life, the longing to leave, the closeness, the awkwardness, and laid it all over Arthur’s life.

Arthur does “Leave Tomorrow” to follow his dream of living in Paris and writing his novel. I feel that one of this writers great strengths is his ability to transport the reader to the various settings which he realistically describes.

This was a “Coming of Age” novel with some interesting scenery, believable characters and fine writing. Staff and patrons alike recommend giving it a read!

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