Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Love Letters by Debbie Macomber

After her husband is killed in Iraq, Jo Marie Rose purchases the Rose Harbour Inn, located in Cedar Cove, in an attempt to start over. 

In the book Love Letters, by Debbie Macomber,  Jo Marie has a variety of guests staying at the inn who are dealing with different relationship problems.

One couple is trying to work out some difficulties with their marriage. After some indiscretions from both sides, they have to decide if they want to hang on to their marriage or go their separate ways.

A young girl is also staying at the inn and planning on meeting her online romance. Her Mother does not approve and this causes conflict within their relationship.

However, Jo Marie has problems of her own. She has hired Mark Taylor to do some work for her and his more consistent presence around the inn makes her wonder about his personal life. Jo Marie begins to try to find out more about him.

This is a good book about relationships and the characters of Cedar Cove. One of our staff members says it was a great read, and highly recommends it.

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