Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Triggers by Robert J. Sawyer

In Triggers the American President is rushed to hospital after an assassination attempt on his life. 

In that same hospital, there is an experiment underway to test a device that can erase traumatic memories. 

During the experiment and while efforts are being made to save the President’s life, another attack detonates a bomb and cuts all power to the hospital. 

The experiment goes horribly awry and people that are in close proximity to where the experiment was taking place start swapping memories.

Now the race is on to find out who has accessed the President’s memory and risked National Security.
Robert J. Sawyer is an award winning Canadian Science Fiction author and a very entertaining writer. Sawyer always has interesting ideas and plots, and this book was no different. 

There were a few twists that kept the book interesting right to the end. This was a fast, entertaining read that left the reviewer with quite a bit to think about.

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