Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Taste of Heaven by Meg Tilly

Madison is starting Grade 5 when the new girl, Alyssa, joins her class. They become best friends right away and begin hanging out at Madison’s house, which to Alyssa is “a taste of heaven.”

Madison is not sure why Alyssa likes being around her parents and her annoying little sister all the time, but when Madison pushes Alyssa to spend time at her place for a change, Alyssa puts her off. Madison can’t figure out why Alyssa won’t talk about her family or introduce them to her.

Finally Madison gets to go to Alyssa’s, only to find out that although Alyssa is very rich and has a movie star mom, her evenings are spent with the hired help. Madison realizes how lonely it must be for Alyssa and swears to keep her secret. Eventually this threatens their friendship.

This story is about friendship courage and loyalty, and the reviewer really liked that instead of glamorizing the life of a movie star, it showed how demanding and lonely it must be, especially for the movie star’s family. The book was very readable and entertaining and the author did an excellent job of writing from the perspective of pre-teens.

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