Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Guts & Glory: The Vikings by Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson takes history and makes it fun. His historical series is designed for the reluctant reader and written in a language that children understand. Not only are they fun; they are exciting as well.

From battle-axe-wielding tribes plundering the greatest cities of Europe to powerful kings and queens ruling their dominions with iron fists, the Vikings were some of the most feared and fearless figures in European history. Find the bravest heroes, the most menacing villains, and unbelievably awesome facts and myths inside this action-packed overview that will amaze kids with tales of a people so incredible...it's hard to believe they were real.

If you were ever curious about the Vikings and the things they did but were intimidated by the scholarly historical scripts read Guts & Glory: The Vikings. You’ll get accurate facts but written in a highly entertaining fashion. The library has just received “The Vikings” and I couldn’t put it down.

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