Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Munich Airport by Greg Baxter

This story is set in the backdrop of a fogbound Munich airport with the main character and his father waiting to board a flight to take Miriam’s body home to the States. Miriam is the main character’s sister and she was found dead from starvation in her Berlin apartment.

The family has been disjointed for some time and they are shocked to hear of her death. As they wait, our main protagonist has flashbacks about the three weeks leading up to this day, and also keeps thinking back to his relationship with Miriam, with his father, and how things have been since his mother’s death. 

The story weaves in and out from present day to memories, and the entire book is written with no chapters. Everything is written in one long never ending narrative, all in the first person, so you are never given the main protagonist’s name. The story seems to be an exploration of relationships and how people cope in different situations and although it is a darker story there are light parts sprinkled throughout.

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