Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sell Up, Pack Up & Take Off by Stephen Wyatt and Colleen Ryan

It’s 35 below, the wind is howling and the snow is flying. You’re looking out the living room window and you’re thinking – I’ve got to move somewhere else.

Sell up, pack up & take off by Stephen Wyatt and Colleen Ryan tells you exactly how to do that. The book gives advice on moving to Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Spain or France. Unfortunately all price comparisons are to Australian dollars, not Canadian, but it still gives you an idea on costs.

For instance, in Bali consumer prices are 57% cheaper, rent is 79% cheaper, restaurants are 68% cheaper and groceries are 56% cheaper, than in Australia. For each location they give a cost of living breakdown for housing, food, restaurants, beer, taxi, electricity and communications.

In each location servants/household help are affordable for most people and in the non-European countries people from away are expected to provide jobs for the locals. Each location has a “tips and traps” list, one tip from the Cambodia page is that foreigners can only buy apartments above the ground floor and when traveling by tuk-tuk, keep belongings well within the vehicle and secure.

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