Tuesday, August 18, 2015

XO by Jeffrey Deaver

Kayleigh Towne is riding high in her career as a country singer, but her fame has attracted some highly unwelcome attention. She can deal with ordinary fan letters and hate mail, but this new fan believes Kayleigh's form-letter replies to their emails are coded messages of undying love and desperate pleas for rescue from her entourage. With these new unwanted attentions unnerving her, and then, the head of her road crew is murdered, Kayleigh's friend Katherine Dance, a California Bureau of Investigation agent, offers to help. 

It quickly becomes clear that whoever has Kayleigh in their sights is very clever, and as always, Deaver crafts a twisty plot, so just when you think everything's been neatly wrapped up, you realize that there are too many pages left in the book, and that your understanding of what's been going on is about to take a swift and unexpected turn. 
Jeffrey Deaver is usually a very good read, but this book is exceptional. Deaver is highly skilled at anticipating what readers will think, and then twisting their expectations. His characters motivations, especially the villains, can also turn at the drop of a hat, so be warned: no one is ever safe, and no one can be trusted. Expect to stay up past midnight to finish reading XO.

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