Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf

When 70 year old Addie knocks on Louis’ door, Louis only knows her as the widow of a local insurance salesman. After a few sputtering starts, she makes an outlandish proposal, “I’m lonely. I think you might be too. I wonder if you would come and sleep through the night with me.” Addie had grown tired of her isolated life and the long lonely nights, so she developed a solution, “I think I could sleep again if there were someone else in bed with me,” she tells Louis. “Someone nice. The closeness of that. Talking in the night, in the dark. What do you think?”
Shocking their adult children and the town busybodies of Holt, Colorado, Addie and Louis can finally speak of their failings and disappointments, the losses and tragedies. We have been granted a simple and beautiful novel as a final offering of the late Kent Haruf.

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