Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Enemy Inside by Steve Martini

It doesn’t pay for a legal firm to get the reputation of being too cooperative with the police. As a result, Paul Madriani and the rest of the firm are… well, a little desperate for clients. Otherwise, they never would have taken on Alex Ives’ drunk driving/manslaughter case.  It’s a decision that flings Madriani and his partner Hines into a nasty tangled web of politics, greed, and murder for hire.

The enemy inside is the newest in the Paul Madriani series, and it’s a thrill ride. The threats are everywhere, and danger is all-encompassing. The plot is highly involved and twisty, and there are a lot of players, each with their own agenda. The solution was surprisingly neat, and served up with a side order of sweet justice. On the whole, The Enemy Inside is a great stay up all night read.

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