Tuesday, December 8, 2015

What pet should I get? by Dr. Seuss

Having loved ‘The Cat in the Hat’ and other Dr. Seuss books, I was excited when I heard that a new Dr. Seuss book would be coming out soon.  ‘What Pet Should I Get?’ was found complete among Seuss’s papers almost 25 years after his death.  It was written over 50 years ago and was somehow ignored until now. When it arrived at the library, I was not disappointed.  It has bright, colorful illustrations very reminiscent of his early books.  The faces on the animals and people are cheerful and expressive.  The story is fun and imaginative.

‘What Pet Should I Get?’ is a story about a classic childhood dilemma: choosing a pet.  As a boy, accompanied by his sister, meets a dog, a cat, and various other imaginary animals at the pet shop, his sister keeps reminding him that their dad said they could only pick one. But the more animals they see and like, the more difficult the choice becomes. The story ends brilliantly, encouraging the child who is reading to make a guess as to what was picked.

Winkler Branch Librarian Elaine 

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