Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Judas Child by Carol O’Connell

Sadie and Gwen, two young girls, inseparable best friends, are missing from the local private school for exceptional children. The worst part is that this isn’t the first time this has happened. Susan Kendall was a student at that same school, fifteen years ago, when she vanished, and although her killer was convicted, the similarities between the two crimes are eerie. 

Susan’s twin brother Rouge is on the police force now, and a brilliantly intense forensic psychologist brings him a theory that makes Rouge reconsider the man’s guilt. The investigative team follows every avenue, aware that time is running out for Sadie and Gwen... 
Judas Child is full of characters that are vivid and interesting,  and provoke strong reactions. O'Connell keeps several different story lines running, and keeps you guessing about everyone's motivations. There are some brilliant scenes, many of them involving Sadie’s mother, that hit hard every time. If Judas Child is not on your nightstand already, you need to put it there, pronto.

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