Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wedding Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke

If your reading habits alternate between curling up with a good mystery or with a good cookbook, you should know about Joanne Fluke.

Fans of the Hannah Swensen series have been waiting for Hannah to choose a fiancé and get married, but before Hannah can marry Ross Barton, she must compete in a reality-TV dessert competition. With the help of her sister Michelle, Hannah bakes enough traditional creations with unique new twists to keep readers hungry, and after Hannah wins some early rounds the competition moves from the big lights of New York to Hannah's hometown. During a practice session one of the contest's judges is found murdered, chaos reigns, but Hannah is determined to solve the murder before the investigation gets in the way of her wedding.

Sprinkled throughout this 19th volume of the series are over 20 recipes, including Hannah’s wedding confection, Double Rainbow Swirl Cake. The realistic and delightful characters make this cozy mystery a delight to read.

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