Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Fireman by Joe Hill

Joe Hill’s newest novel manages to pull you in right from the beginning. A new plague is spreading across the nation, dragonscale infects its hosts with beautiful black and gold marks that eventually ignite and lead to death by fire for anyone infected. There is no cure and and no one is safe.

Harper Grayson is a nurse trying to help the infected when unfortunate circumstances arise that she finds herself pregnant and contaminated with dragonscale. She has seen mothers with dragonscale deliver healthy babies and hopes to survive long enough to do the same. Harper’s husband has other ideas and as the story progresses, Harper finds a community of people that have found a way to keep the dragonscale under control and goes into hiding to wait out her pregnancy.

The characters are compelling and the story leaves you wanting more, at just under 750 pages the reviewer was so engrossed in the story that they finished it in 3 days. If you are a fan of post-apocalyptic horror novels you will want to head to the library to grab this great read!

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