Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines

The wealthy son of a rocker. A tough farm girl from Alabama. Two step-siblings from different worlds and one summer in Rosemary Beach.

The last thing Blaire Wynn wants is to move in with her father's new family in Rosemary Beach, but she has no choice. Blaire's mother has passed away after a long illness, leaving behind a mountain of medical debt and no way for Blaire to keep their small farm.

She's even more disappointed to discover that her father has left for Paris, leaving her with her new stepbrother, Rush Finlay. The cynical, condescending, and unapologetic son of an infamous rock star, Rush is as spoiled as he is gorgeous - and he immediately gets under Blaire's skin.

But as the summer goes by, Blaire begins to see a side of Rush she never expected, and the chemistry between them becomes impossible to ignore. Unknown to her, Rush has a secret that could destroy Blaire's entire world. Will she find out what he's hiding before she falls to far?

The reviewer liked this book a lot, but the ending just left them hanging; and they are patiently waiting for the next eBook in the series to be released. If this sounds like something you’d like to read, head to eLibraries Manitoba and download a copy today!

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