Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Land of Silence by Tessa Afshar

This unforgettable historical novel is based on the woman in the Bible who is considered unclean and is healed by Jesus from her bleeding issues of 12 years. The Bible gives very little details of her life, only that she has sought many cures but that healing comes from touching the hem of Jesus' garment. The Land of Silence will draw you in to the story from the very first page.

Elianna's story begins as a young woman betrothed to the only man she will ever love with a bright future ahead of her. Suddenly, tragedy strikes, and Elianna struggles with guilt and condemnation after her little brother dies while he is in her care. Elianna loses everyone close to her except her younger sister, who eventually encourages her to pursue the prophet who has brought hope and healing to so many of her people. When Jesus calls her "daughter" she finds love and acceptance from the one who not only heals her physically, but emotionally as well.

The reviewer thought the book was excellent and recommends it to anyone that enjoys historical fiction.

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