Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ivy Malone Mystery Series by Lorena McCourtney

Meet Ivy Malone, an inconspicuous older woman who has a mutant curiosity gene that often lands her in trouble; she’s not your average crime fighter. Unlike most women her age, she snoops and pries her gray-haired self into one hilarious escapade after another.

She doesn’t even mind that her age, petite figure, and possum-gray hair make her somewhat invisible.  Her low profile has proven to be extremely useful, especially when there’s a mystery afloat.   

As a senior citizen most of the time society pays you little attention; to most elderly people this is peaceful, but to some like Ivy Malone, it is a great advantage to get want she wants. 

The reviewer found this series delightful and charming, and assures us that you will have a lot of laughs if you read these books! There are four books in this Christian fiction mystery series: “Invisible,” In Plain Sight,” “On The Run,” and Stranded,” which you can borrow from your local branch.

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