Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Modern Couple’s Money Guide by Lesley-Anne Scorgie

This is a well written must read personal finance book for couples young and old. For some couples, getting married starts a domestic life of bliss, but that bliss can be short lived, thanks to a little thing called money.   

Money matters are the number one cause of separation and divorce in North America.This book will teach you how to merge, manage and grow your finances together. Whether rich or poor, The Modern Couple’s Money Guide will introduce you to the key steps needed to reach your financial potential as a couple.

The author offers practical advice and helps distinguish between good debt and bad debt. Having money helps you and your partner create higher quality options for your future. Smart couples take the time to build a plan to achieve financial success.

Building an incredible financial future with your life partner starts with open communication, respect and a plan for the future.
Enjoy the read

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