Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Wolf Lake by John Verdon

Dave Guerney and his wife Madeleine are about to leave on a vacation in Vermont when one of Dave’s contacts drops a juicy mystery in his lap, is it possible that a hypnotherapist caused four different people to have the same nightmare and then commit suicide? Since Dave retired from police work, Madeleine wants him to leave investigation alone, but, oddly, this time she’s encouraging him to take on the case. They travel to a remote resort at Wolf Lake to meet the hypnotherapist and begin investigating. The authorities want them to drop the case, while the weather threatens to strand them in the mountains, and all kinds of secrets, including Madeleine’s, come to the surface.

As always with a John Verdon book, the plot of Wolf Lake is beyond complicated, involving all kinds of plot twists and throwing suspicion on almost everyone at one point or another. On the whole, the characters are intriguing and a brilliant plot made for a book to read in a single sitting. This fifth book is a great addition to the Dave Guerney series.

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