Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sam the Man and the Chicken Plan by Frances O’Roark Dowell

Sam needs a plan, he wants to make twenty bucks a pop, like Annabelle, his 12-year-old sister who mows lawns for twenty dollars. When Mrs. Kerner, a neighbor, asks Annabelle to watch her 6 chickens for a few days, she declines, but seven-year-old Sam jumps at the chance to make some money and offers to care for them.

Sam takes his first job very seriously, and not only makes twenty bucks, but discovers that chickens are very interesting, and he soon becomes an expert. Sam decides to buy his own chicken and add it to Mrs. Kerner's flock, but how will he know his chicken’s eggs from all the others?

Sam and his dad do some research and find a type of chicken that lays blue eggs. Sam's enthusiasm spreads through the neighborhood and soon everyone, from his bus driver, school friends and lonely elderly neighbor are all waiting to see Helga's first blue egg. Helga gives Sam a passion that enriches his life in more ways than one.

The reviewer suggests this as a great junior fiction read aloud that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike!!

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