Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Bullet by Mary Louise Kelly

The nagging ache in her right wrist has finally driven Caroline Cashion, professor of French literature, to get an MRI for a proper diagnosis. The scan revealed something unexpected: a bullet lodged in her neck, sitting perilously close to her spine. The discovery of the bullet leads to one crushing revelation after another. She is adopted, her birth parents were murdered when she was three, and she almost died as well. The killer was never found. Then… things get complicated.

The bullet is written from Caroline’s perspective, and Mary Louise Kelly captures her voice beautifully: she goes from cool and dispassionate to emotionally driven as her life crashes down around her. The plot is nicely twisty, and goes from a measured start to high adrenaline. Characters will surprise you, too, showing depths you wouldn't expect. Kelley has a few side observations about the nature of family and sibling relationships as well that will have you nodding in recognition. The bullet is definitely worth seeking out.

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